I Luv Pawz Pet Sitting Services

While you\’re away I will lovingly care for your dog, cat, or other small animal. And, of course, if your pet has special needs I will ensure that they are all met with care and compassion.

My Services

Food & 
fresh water
Wash pet dishes
Maintain litter boxes
Text pictures to you
Secure entry doors
Turn lights on and off
Retrieve mail/packages

I Luv Pawz Hours

Feeding Times
Breakfast – 6am to 9am
Dinner – 4pm to 8pm
Last visit completed by 9pm

I Luv Pawz Fees

  • 30 minute dog/cat visits – $22

For more than 2 animals – $2 per additional pet.
No charge if already visiting for small animals (hamster, guinea pig, etc)

  • 30 minute PET TAXI (Vet visits, Dog Wash or Pet Store pickups) – $27

Fine Print

DISCLAIMER: For the safety of your cats I must visit them at least once a day. They can become ill or find themselves in unexpected trouble if not visited daily. It would be a very unfortunate situation that I don\’t want to have happen. I also have a safety policy from my liability insurance company that requires me to visit all cats every 24 hours. Thank you for understanding.

For additional information please review the Service Agreement and other documents found below.

To view and print our Pet Information Sheet click on the paw

To view and print our Veterinary Release and Financial Agreement click on the paw

To view and print our Service Agreement click on the paw

Call or Text I Luv Pawz today at 214-675-9481
I LUV PAWZ email address is: info@iluvpawz.com